Greg Quinn  on Horticulture and Bees

Greg Quinn on Horticulture and Bees

Greg Quinn talks from the Idyll of Walnut Grove Farm about living a life surrounded by the wonders of nature.

Show notes

Guest Greg Quinn is an American farmer in upstate New York who specializes in the cultivation of currants and other delights at his farm in upstate New York. He has taught farming at the NY Botanical Garden, and other academic institutions. He is a published author of eight children's books by Scholastic Press, and has written articles for such publications as SKY Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Fine Gardening. A former radio host, he has appeared on numerous programs in major media outlets.

Produced by Kitty Pilgrim, Matty Rosenberg, and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhinecliff



Greg Quinn

Greg Quinn

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